How Do We Handle Maintenance?

One of the most important questions to ask any potential property management company is how they handle rental property maintenance.

At Cincinnati Real Estate Group Property Management, we have in-house technicians who take care of our maintenance tickets. We also agree to certain limits with new clients on when they want to be notified of a maintenance request. For example, most of our clients prefer to only be contacted if the maintenance item is going to be over $1,000. If it is under $1,000 then we will complete the task without owner approval. If you would prefer to have our limit lowered, we are more than happy to discuss this with you. If we need to go replace the old toilet flushing mechanisms for you, we will charge our hourly rate plus the cost of the toilet repair items. We understand maintenance items can be a huge expense eating into your cash flow. It's our goal to make your property perform as efficiently as possible.

Let me walk you through a typical maintenance request that comes from one of our residents.

1. Current resident identifies an issue at their home. Let's say, for example purposes, this issue is that the faucet in their bathroom has a steady drip.

2. After current resident identifies the issue, he or she will assess whether or not this is an emergency or not. If it is an emergency, the current resident will call 513-813-8439 or another one of our team members to immediately notify us of the emergency. If it is not an emergency, as for the case with a faucet that is dripping, he or she will jump onto our website. At this point in time, they will then head over to the RESIDENT tab on our website and go to the MAINTENANCE page.

3. On the MAINTENANCE page, the current resident will then fill out an entire questionnaire regarding the maintenance issue they are experiencing. The questionnaire does a few different things. For one, it fully and clearly identifies what is going on with the situation. We also have the current resident send in video and/or pictures of the issue. This then makes the maintenance job go quicker, saving time and money for the owners/investors. If the picture clearly shows an item that needs replaced which is a common item, our maintenance technician will be able to save a trip to Lowe's or Home Depot to grab the item.

What this also does is allow for our maintenance team to see if this is an issue that the current residents can handle. Is this something that simply requires flipping the breaker box? There are times where a maintenance technician does not need to go out to the property.

4. After the maintenance ticket is kicked off by the current resident, our team will begin processing the request. In the case of a dripping faucet, the goal is to replace something like this within 24-48 hours, depending on how bad the drip is. Typically, the investor/home owner of a rental property in Cincinnati pays for water. Therefore, any time there is ANY water leak, we want to handle this ASAP. A running toilet can cause a TON of money and if not taken care of immediately, your cash flow is going to be hurting that month.

5. Once the ticket is assessed by our team, we will then give the current resident a 24 hour notice prior to entering their home. The current resident can chose to either be at home or out of the home. The next step is to have our technician complete the job.

6. Invoicing - The last step is to invoice the maintenance item and document exactly what was taken care of. After we complete the maintenance task, we write up a detailed invoice of what was done.

It is key that your rental property management company in Cincinnati has a thorough maintenance request system in order to keep your expenses LOW!

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