How Will We Know All The Details of Your Rental Property?

In any rental property, there are numerous tiny details that go into handling any maintenance issue and just overall property management. I call these the "quirky" details of your rental property.

Whether you have just purchased this building or you have owned it for 20+ years, you likely have information on the property that anyone else who has not been involved does not. It is critically important to relay as much information to your new property manager in Cincinnati so they can do the best possible job to perform on your building or home.

Make sure your property manager has a game plan to do their absolute best to gather this information during on boarding. This is a good question to ask them BEFORE you sign a Property Management Agreement.

What Happens After You Sign Our Property Management Agreement

After you begin working with us and sign our Property Management Agreement, we will immediately send you a new owner questionnaire form. This form is an online interactive questionnaire that is very easy to fill out for the new owners. No pen to paper here, all multiple choice and questions you can answer through your computer.

This questionnaire is a detailed list of questions that will ultimately help us run your property better. It is going to give us the answers to some of the "quirky" questions we've already ran into when taking care of the property management in Cincinnati for rentals.

For example, two of the questions on this list include the following:

  • "Do you have any warranties that we should be aware of on this property? If so, please provide ALL warranty information here. This is for when we get an emergency maintenance call and need to act quickly. If we have all of your warranty information now, we can avoid being reactive and scrambling around during emergencies"

  • "If extra storage space is available, will that be included in rent?"

Along with these two questions, there are quite a bit more in order for us to get the best possible transfer of knowledge/information from you to us. This gives us even more power to do the best possible job managing your rental property in Cincinnati.

Be sure to ask any potential management company how they will do their best to take care of the "quirky" details!

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