The Importance of Move In/Move Out Inspections

January 17, 2018

As residents are moving in and out of your rental properties, it is essential to perform inspections. Performing these inspections will benefit you as a landlord in various ways, but it also keeps the residents accountable during their tenancy.


Our company, Cincinnati Real Estate Group: Property Management, realizes this need and will perform detailed inspections immediately after one resident moves out and another moves in. As our team reviews each unit, we take detailed notes of each room by following a checklist. On the checklist, we indicate which areas of each room is in excellent condition. If certain aspects of the rooms are not up to par, we specify it in great detail. Videos and/or photos are taken throughout each inspection as well to provide our team, property owners and residents further documentation of our findings.


However, relying only on yourself or your property manager may not be enough. Pass along some of the responsibility to the residents. At Cincinnati Real Estate Group: Property Management, we provide the same inspection checklist we use to new residents when they sign a lease. The residents are given 7 days upon moving into the unit to do a full inspection of their own. By allowing the residents this opportunity, they are able to take their own notes of the unit’s condition and can compare it to our company’s findings.


It is important to save both documents performed by the landlord or property manager AND the resident in order to reference it when the resident’s lease ends or is


terminated. During this time, Cincinnati Real Estate Group: Property Management will perform the Move Out inspection to compare the condition of the unit from when the resident first moved into it. If it appears damage had occurred during the resident’s tenancy, other than normal wear and tear, it will be clear from the documents.


Not interested in taking on this task yourself for your Cincinnati rental property? Contact our team and Cincinnati Real Estate Group: Property Management will do it for you!





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